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How to pick the perfect E-Liquid?

You can consider the E-Cigarette to be the heart, the atomizer to be the brain and e-liquid to be the soul. So if you are out of any of these items, then the entire device will become useless. There are several options when it comes to picking the e liquids, but the tricky part is which one to select. Here is a mini guide that will help you to get through the initial process of filtering the top Malaysian eliquid.

  • Flavour: Whenever you are buying the e-liquid you will have to consider the flavour. If the VG or PG, nicotine content or the vapour production is optimal and you don’t like the flavour then it can ruin your entire experience of using the e-liquid. These e liquids are available in various flavours, so starting from food, fruity, tobacco blends to cocktail it will provide you with a plethora of flavours to choose from. Many users buy Malaysian ejuice with the tobacco blend as they want to match it up with the taste of cigarettes and many other try some adventurous flavours by using food or fruits like a wafer, pizza, cake, watermelon, grapes and many more.

  • Nicotine content: It is very important to analyze the strength of the nicotine present in e-liquid. If you are a light smoker then you should not consume nicotine more than 6 milligrams and if you are an average smoker then you should have between 9 mm to 16 million and for the heavy chain smokers they can consume 18 milligrams to 36 milligrams. It is very important to analyze the nicotine strength because if you are having a little, then you will keep on consuming it to get the effectiveness and if you are having high strength then it can make you have headaches.

  • VG or PG: The base solution of the e-liquid can be either vegetable glycerol or propylene glycol. If you're looking for weak vapour with several flavours then you should opt for PG and VG is quite viscous with a slight sweetness but it can create massive clouds containing vapours.

These are the three factors will help you to narrow down the entire process of picking the top Malaysian ejuice for yourself.